History of Halloween

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Halloween is a time of Celebration and Superstition

There are many among you who do not have much knowledge on Halloween facts. But do you know Halloween is one of the oldest holidays that are celebrated till now? Not just that it is considered as one of the widely celebrated holidays before Christmas. Funny thing is there are rarely people in us who have no clue about the history and myths associated with this day but the fun thing is that the origin makes it even more fascinating to celebrate. So let me tell you a little something about the Halloween history!

Why Do We Celebrate Halloween

People see Halloween day as time of fun and intelligent costumes and above all trick or treating. But have you ever wondered why do we celebrate Halloween? Average American families celebrate this day by hosting family dinner and themed parties. There is a whole category of those who find this holiday filled with superstitions, goblins, ghosts, demons and evil spirits and make sure to avoid it at all cost. When it comes to religion, this holiday is considered debatable and most religious scholars don’t see this holiday as participation in any evil practice. The holiday is usually seems to be occult and ritual free.

What Day is Halloween

The holiday of Halloween is celebrated every year on the 31st of October and the Halloween date never ever shift or change. Mind it that 31st October is considered as the last day of the Celtic calendar. Halloween was originally considered as one of the Pagan Holidays. Pagans celebrated this day in order to honor the descendent. As depicted by the Halloween definition this holiday was known as “All Hallows Eve” and people 2000 years ago started celebrating this day. All Hallows Eve is known as the day before all Saints day, mind it that saint’s day was created and celebrated on 1st of November by the Christians in order to convert the Pagans. The Churches belong to the Catholics used to honor their saints on this very day.

Ancient Celtic Holiday of Samhain

We know that these days there have been multiple variations in the customs of this day and also there have been a lot of variations as to how people celebrate it now from then. But there are definitely some of the customs which have remained the same. People who are a part of different cultures take Halloween differently but the traditional Halloween practices however remain same from the day first.

The origin of this holiday goes back to the Druids, which are a Celtic culture observed back in the country of Ireland, Northern Europe and Britain. The roots of this holiday Halloween lays in the feasting of Samhain which comes annually on October the 31st for the sake of honoring the ones who have departed from this world and resting peacefully in the graves.

What is Samhain?

The word Samhain means the end of

summer or November. Samhain was celebrated as the festival observed after harvest and a lot of sacred bonfires were observed in this festival which makes the termination of the Celtic year and initiation of a new year. However most of the celebrations that were observed in this festival were mainly fed on nothing but superstition.

The Celtic members believed that the spirits of the dead people roam around in the streets of the villages at night time. So they believed that not all among those spirits were friendly. The villagers leave the treats and gifts in the streets in order to pacify the evil and to make sure that the crops next year will be in abundance. This aforementioned custom was later named as trick or treating.

There are so many holidays which the people all around the globe celebrates but have no clue about the history and origin of this day. Today we have written about one of the most celebrated holidays which are loved by people belonging to every age group; this holiday is none other than Halloween. In this article I have mentioned the Halloween history in great detail so read and know what you don’t!

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