How to Plan Perfect Christmas Day

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Why Christmas Day is Special Day

Christian people all around the globe celebrate Christmas day on 25th of December each year. The day is celebrated for honoring the birth of Jesus Christ. The day is collaborated most often with pre-Christian celebration of winter many people celebrate this day by decorating a Christmas tree and houses. They also visit each other’s houses and exchange gifts with their families and friends

About Christmas Day Celebration

There are a lot of ways in which people celebrate the day of Christmas. People start decorating their houses days before the actual Christmas day. Almost every one decorates the Christmas tree at home with their family or friends. Arranging a family meal is very common in the time of Christmas where roasted turkey and other festive dishes are served. People usually exchange gifts with each other in these dinners. Children significantly receive a lot of gifts from members of the family, relatives and from a mythic ally generated character known as Santa Clause. The celebration that is observed on this time of year has made this holiday more and more commercialized as almost all the family members’ spend a good amount of their pay and income on buying food and gift items. Many of the churches and Sunday school also organize a special event. People also contribute in decorating different buildings of the city, decoration of the neighborhood, erecting a Christmas tree, arranging a concert along with performances. The songs mostly sung on this day are all Christmas themed songs. Some groups of people also arrange the projects affiliated with charity for those who are homeless and poses little to no money.

History of Christmas Day 

The actual meaning of the word Christmas is the birth of Jesus. One must know about the events that surrounded the birth of Jesus as they are crucial for religious celebrations. Most of the traditions that take place in the Christmas is linked with the winter festivals of pre-Christian era. Back in the roman era the romans celebrate the winter solstice by arranging parties and giving presents, this event fell on 25h of December in the calendar of romans. In Scandinavia people celebrate an event known as Yule which last for 12 days and had same customs as the present Christmas traditions. By the year of 1840 the custom of merry making and celebrating Christmas began widespread and part of the religious believes. Since 1870 Christmas day is considered as a federal holiday and surely one of the most important holidays of USA too.

Christmas is a Religious Day

Christmas day is that day which is celebrated all over the world, this was initially a religious holiday but now it has become more commercialized as people have started spending a good amount of money on gifts and food. People celebrate this day by arranging meals, concerts, decoration of neighborhood or buildings and by taking part in any charity based project. This Blog is written as a detailed explanation about Christmas day and its significance. This is a religious holiday which is celebrated because on this day Jesus was born.

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